In the Matter of Gabriel Sanchez, M.D. (September 25, 2013) On July 15 2010, Dr. Gabriel Sanchez issued prescriptions for oxycodone (Schedule II) and carisoprodol (Schedule IV) to two undercover law enforcement officers.  During the visits with both undercover officers, Dr. Sanchez failed to take complete medical histories, failed to make serious inquiries into the cause(s) of their pain, and failed to conduct thorough physical examinations.  After reviewing the recordings and transcripts of the undercover visits, a Government expert concluded that Dr. Sanchez issued the prescriptions for controlled substances without conducting an adequate evaluation of the patients and failed to establish a sufficient doctor-patient relationship with either undercover officer. After reviewing the evidence presented (Dr. Sanchez neither requested a hearing nor submitted a written statement in lieu of a hearing), the Administrator agreed with the expert’s findings, and she concluded that Dr. Sanchez prescribed controlled substances to the undercover officers outside of the usual course of professional practice and for other than legitimate medical purposes.  Accordingly, the Administrator found that Dr. Sanchez knowingly or intentionally diverted controlled substances in violation of the CSA, and she ordered the revocation of his DEA registration.