In the Matter of S&S Pharmacy, Inc., d/b/a Platinum Pharmacy & Compounding (Sept. 19, 2013) In 2011, Ihab S. Barsoum, the owner and pharmacist-in-charge of S&S Pharmacy, Inc., d/b/a Platinum Pharmacy & Compounding (“Platinum Pharmacy”), engaged in what the Administrator described as “blatant drug deal(s) and [] distribution(s).”  On five occasions between January and June 2011, Barsoum sold large quantities of oxycodone to a DEA confidential source in exchange for cash.  In total, Barsoum sold over 5,000 tablets of varying strengths of oxycodone to the confidential source.  The confidential source did not have prescriptions for the oxycodone; instead, Barsoum required that the confidential source provide fake prescriptions to create a paper trial in case the pharmacy was inspected.  In February 2013, Barsoum was convicted on five counts of knowingly and intentionally distributing oxycodone outside the course of professional practice, and on one count of conspiracy to unlawfully dispense oxycodone. Although Platinum Pharmacy’s DEA registration expired on February 29, 2012, the Administrator determined the administrative proceedings were not moot, as controlled substances were seized during the execution of the Order to Show Cause and Immediate Suspension of Registration.  After reviewing the evidence presented (Platinum Pharmacy neither requested a hearing nor submitted a written statement in lieu of a hearing), the Administrator affirmed the suspension of Platinum Pharmacy’s registration, and declared forfeited to the United States any remaining controlled substances that were seized pursuant to the Immediate Suspension Order.