In the Matter of Clair L. Pettinger, M.D. (October 3, 2013) On nine occasions between November 10, 2011 and May 9, 2012, Clair L. Pettinger, M.D. issued prescriptions for controlled substances to undercover law enforcement agents.  During these visits Dr. Pettinger failed to conduct sufficient medical examinations, failed to make diagnoses of the medical conditions for which the controlled substances were prescribed, failed to require additional diagnostic testing, and failed to take appropriate action when the undercover officers exhibited drug-seeking behavior.  After reviewing the undercover visits, on December 12, 2012, the Administrator issued an order immediately suspending Dr. Pettinger’s DEA registration.  After receiving the order, which explicitly prohibited him from dispensing controlled substances, Dr. Pettinger provided a patient with a prescription for hydrocodone. Upon review, the Administrator focused on factors two (experience in dispensing controlled substances) and four (compliance with state, federal or local laws relating to controlled substances) in coming to her decision.  Specifically, the Administrator found that Dr. Pettinger issued prescriptions to the undercover officers outside the usual course of professional practice and for other than legitimate medical purposes.  The Administrator also found that Dr. Pettinger violated federal law when he issued a prescription for hydrocodone while his DEA certificate was suspended.  The Administrator ultimately concluded that Dr. Pettinger’s continued registration was inconsistent with public interest and revoked his DEA registration.